Welcome to the Centenary Exhibition


Yearning for Truth


Between Fear and Inspiration


My Heart Flows with a River of Tears


A Key to Unlock a Great Secret


A Grain of Rice is Greater than the Earth


Angels Open a Path Through a Dark Forest


Forgive - Love - Unite


What is the Promise that Must Never Be Broken?

Loving Families Can Change the World


Leaving Behind a Legacy of Love


Middle East Peace initiative


Allow Freedom of Religion in the Soviet Union

The Land May Be Divided, But Not It's People

What is the Goal of the 21st Century Religion?

Sport is a Means to Create World Peace


Solution to Poverty and Hunger


Dreaming of A Peaceful World - and Taking Action

Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, Universal Values 

Global Women's Peace Network


Supporting the Heroes & Heroines of Peace

Solution to Today's Problems


Embrase the World


Early footsteps in Korea


God's three great blesisngs to humankind


Three stages of human life


Dream of better world